It seemed like a pipe dream, but sometimes pipes do come true. Dan Harmon, creator of Community, and the man fired from Season 4 of the show, is officially returning for the fifth season. It won’t be easy, but it’s actually happening.

Harmon started vaguely tweeting about his return on Friday night, when he joked about not getting the directors he wanted for his return, and then mentioned some support staff he had to have, and then the cast (outside of Chevy Chase, natch, who’s not on twitter). But by Saturday morning he confirmed that he is returning, and that it was mostly due to the diligence of Joel McHale.

The one thing he has to do now is start staffing writers, something he joked about over the weekend, as The Hollywood Reporter noted. He mentioned that Chris McKenna would be returning, and one assumes that Megan Ganz, who stayed on for Season 4, will be invited back for season five. There’s no confirmation that Dino Stamatopoulos (aka “Star-Burns”) will also come back, though Harmon does tweet about drinking with Dino regularly. The problem is that many of his original writers moved on to other shows after his exodus at the end of Season 3. What that means is that even though the main creative brain is back, one could argue that season 5 will also be something of a Frankenstein. But this is a rare case where the system seemingly did the right thing, and for that, huzzah.

Are you a Community fan, or die-hard?