Last we heard, Sam Mendes was the front runner for directing Bond 24, following his billion dollar triumph with Skyfall. That might not be true, as it appears that Mendes won’t just be back for the next Bond adventure… He may be making a trilogy.

Showbiz 411 announced the news that Mendes is a lock for the next James Bond film, and that he seems to also be sticking around for a third go-around. They note that this should make him a very rich man. Why this is interesting is because of who Bond is and what these movies are usually about.

For those who know the franchise, there have been little moments of continuity here and there (For Your Eyes Only acknowledges the murder of Bond’s wife in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Die Another Day and Skyfall both make mention of previous adventures), but for the most part the Bond franchise has treated each film like i’s own adventure, with the events of the last film something usually forgotten. And with a revolving cast of actors having played the character (with Daniel Craig the latest), that’s made sense. The books were also mostly standalone adventures.

But with Mendes coming back for three, and with the latest series of Bond films already more continuity heavy than the previous forty-plus years, it makes sense that he would stick around to finish a character arc. Skyfall put a lot of pieces into place to return Bond to his regular adventures, but now maybe it’s the first chapter in a larger picture. That, that could be interesting.

What would you like to see in Bonds 24 and 25?