Though most renewals and cancellations for next year’s television season happened weeks ago, NBC decided to wait to announce if their adaptation of Hannibal would be getting a second season or not. But they’ve just announced the show will be return, albeit sometime in 2014. But as a show that was on the bubble, and with a lot of devoted followers, this is nothing if not good news.

The show, which follows Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and FBI detective Will Graham (Will Dancy), was adapted partly from Thomas Harris’s novel Manhunter, but took inspiration from all of his books on the subject of Dr. Lecter. Which means that — though this functions partly as a prequel — there have been definite nods to the franchise (most notably to Silence of the Lambs, where Anthony Hopkins performance turned the character into a horror icon).

If you haven’t been watching, the show is actually quite good, and one of the best shot dramas on television, though it will be curious to see how long they can keep Dr. Lecter’s murderous appetites from Graham and from the FBI team Lecter occasionally works with. But that’s part of the fun of the adaptation, and the show has done a good job of threading that needle so far. Currently (much like the first), the second season is planned to be a mid-season replacement. And with NBC’s current luck with new shows, it’s possible we could see it return as early as January of next year.

Are you watching Hannibal?