Man of Steel

We’re nearly two weeks away from the release of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, and we’re starting to see the marketing hit critical mass. They were apparently waiting for the May films to come out and do their thing, as news about Superman is flying fast and furious. Today we saw the release of a new featurette on the making of the film, and news about a short film that’s set to premiere at Comic-con.

The featurette is interesting in that it focuses mostly on trying to ground Superman as a character in a real world sensibility. That was often a bad approach for comic book films in the wake of The Dark Knight, but the lesson they seemed to learn is that comic book films should be darker, which works mostly for Batman, and Batman alone. This doesn’t seem that dark, nor does it look like the villain gets caught in the middle of the movie as a part of his master plan. Here’s that featurette:

The other big news is that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be a two minute animated film shown at Comic-con that will show the evolution of the character over the last seventy-five years. It will be produced by Zack Snyder, and that seems a bold step in that Comic-con starts well after the release of Man of Steel. It seems that Warners (and for that matter, everyone involved) thinks they have a franchise on their hands. We’ll know for sure when Man of Steel hits theaters June 14.

Are you pumped for new Superman?