Glenn Close is an actress who doesn’t shy away from taking on whatever kind of random role that’s thrown her way. She’s an amazing actress and comic book fans should be excited to find out that she’ll be a part of the upcoming James Gunn picture Guardians of the Galaxy

Word has it that Glenn Close will be playing one of the heads of Nova Corps, an intergalactic police force that will in some way, shape or form be working with the Guardians of the Galaxy as the members eventually team up. Think of them as an intergalactic version of S.H.I.E.L.D., but instead of protecting just the Earth they’re in charge of keeping entire universes in check. If it was our guess, we would imagine Glenn Close would be the Nova Prime of the force, meaning that she’s the main person in charge of the entire organization. Close has a very commanding presence onscreen, it would only make sense that she would be one of the leaders of the Nova Corps.

Now that the main cast for Guardians of the Galaxy is more or less covered, heavy preparations are being made for filming which is scheduled to begin at some point next month. So one would imagine we may be getting a considerable amount of green screen on set picture as they start to film. We want pictures of the Guardians!

Are you looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy?

Source: Deadline