One of the recent franchises that will seemingly never die is Michael Bay‘s TransformersThe Hasbro toy turned animated series in the 80s resurfaced in popularity within the past decade as the loud filmmaker brought them to life on the big screen with the help of computer graphics and some eye-bleeding 3D. Michael Bay tricked us into believing that he would stop at the third film, but decided to move forward as he declared he would stick around for Transformers 4. Now they’re beginning to film and there’s a couple new additions to the cast you should hear about (cars included).

The latest human addition to the cast is T.J. Miller, a name that some of you may not recognize, and for good reason. T.J. Miller is an actor who appeared in a number of lackluster movies like Yogi Bear and Cloverfield. Since every Michael Bay film contains a dimwitted sidekick, this particular role in the fourth movie was vacant up until now. Miller will be a fellow mechanic and friend to Mark Wahlberg‘s character in the upcoming film. He joins the cast that includes Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer and many more.

Now onto the cars, who in some ways are the real stars of the show. In keeping with the tradition of the Transformers films, audiences will be dazzled by the latest vehicles that many of us wish we could get our hands on. The two pictures below is the car version of some Autobots that we’ll be seeing at some point in the film and old standby Optimus Prime. I just really want to drive one of these beauties.

What do you think of the new cars for Transformers 4?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter