Arrested Development

As you might have noticed by now, Arrested Development returned this past weekend on Netflix, where fans either plotted their holiday weekend around the show, or at least sampled an episode or two. We’ll have reviews for the whole season coming over the next month, but for those who finished it, there are definitely unanswered questions at the end. Some thought that might be resolved in the rumored movie, but Netflix is suggesting they’re up for making an additional season.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings told Variety that he would be happy to do a fifth season if the talent was willing, though Variety notes that Netflix’s stock just dipped (and suggested it might have something to do with people’s reactions to the new season. Odd). What’s interesting about the comment is his mentioning of the talent. When Season 4 was conceived it was built around the cast’s schedules, and it shows in that performers like Will Arnett (who had a show on NBC, but will have another one shortly on CBS) and Tony Hale (who’s on HBO’s Veep) are often kept to an episode or two of prime action, with only a couple scenes bringing the entire cast together.

The question then is if show creator Mitch Hurwitz can design another puzzle-box type season around the cast, or if he can get everyone to commit to a couple months for a next batch. That would be optimal, but perhaps everyone involved learned from the new design and can improve upon it in future installments.

Regardless — even with the new season still being sampled by most audiences — we’re already at a point where people are clamoring for a new season of Arrested Development. Which is very familiar.

How far are you into Season 4 of Arrested Development?