Dan Harmon, Chevy Chase

When Community was renewed for a fourth season it seemed like a miracle, but then NBC/the powers that be made it hurt: the show got to continue but without showrunner/creator Dan Harmon, the man considered the heart and soul of the series. The fourth season ran for thirteen episodes, and was shaky, but it had just enough viewers to get a fifth season. And now it appears Harmon might return to the show, and possibly also bring back Chevy Chase.

Harmon first announced this during a taping of his podcast this weekend, and mentioned that he was in discussions to return, and joked (or perhaps not) that he would only come back if Chase did as well. This was first reported on Holywookiee.com (perhaps not the most trustworthy name in news), but this information was also tweeted by people who attended the event. This also seems believable because there was word this might be happening shortly after the show got renewed for season five.

This isn’t a done deal, and there are lots of speed bumps to keep it from happening. Many of Harmon’s collaborators moved on to other things when Harmon was dismissed after season three, and part of the reason why he was let go was because he was a headache to work with. It’s possible that his return would make fans happy and keep them on board, but Community did just as well without Harmon during its fourth season, even if fans hate-watched it.  The coup would be getting Chase back, as he walked off the show in the midst of shooting the fourth season. He complained his character had become a joke, though Chase was vocal about his problems with show very early on, and the cast have none too subtly hinted that he was difficult to work with from the beginning. In fact, Dan Harmon unintentionally went public with his disputes with Chevy previously, though they have supposedly made up.

There’s a lot in the way of this coming to pass, but if Sony (who produces the show) wants him back, it could happen. And though we’re far from having a solid answer, it’s still an exciting possibility.

Did you watch the fourth season of Community?