10 Things We're Thankful For This Year – Sam Mendes' James Bond

There has been a wild flurry of news today related to Bond 24, the follow-up James Bond film to Sam Mendes’ smash hit, Skyfall.  First, it appeared that Nicholas Winding Refn, the director of Bronson, Drive, and Only God Forgives, was in the running to get the gig.  Just a bit later, a whole slew of directors names were in the running before a familiar name popped up.

First up, Refn:  while in Cannes last week, Refn was asked if he would be directing the new Bond film.  The director refused to answer, but also hinted that he may indeed be helming the film.  That news bit began seriously making the rounds today, before news then broke that Shane Black, Tom Hooper, Ang Lee, and David Yates were all in the running for the top spot, along with Refn.

And then, finally, Deadline emerged from the flurry to report this surprising bit of info:  that Sam Mendes—despite initially backing out of the project—is now being courted by MGM and is set to direct the follow-up to Skyfall.

Whew, ok, we all caught up now?  OK.  While no official deal with Mendes seems to be set, the fact that he has re-entered talks with MGM makes it rather likely that he’ll be giving us at least one more Bond film.

What do you think of the Bond 24 news?

Source: /Film