There are two things to talk about this weekend. One is that Fast and Furious 6 killed it on the big screen. The other is that The Hangover Part III (profitably) ate dirt. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Fast and Furious 6 $98,528,000 $26,935 $98,528,000
2 The Hangover Part III $42,415,000 $11,931 $54,204,000
3 Star Trek Into Darkness $38,415,000 (-45.8) $9,726 $146,827,000
4 Epic 34,200,000 $8,810 $34,200,000
5 Iron Man 3 $19,424,000 (-45.7)
$5,673 $367,506,000
6 The Great Gatsby $13,705,000 (-42.8) $4,435 $114,432,000
7 Mud $1,980,000 (-11.4) $2,781 $14,587,000
8 42 $1,245,000 (-55.7) $1,361 $91,049,000
9 The Croods $1,215,000 (-59.8) $1,205 $179,038,000
10 Oblivion $815,000 (-55.1) $1,425 $87,280,000

Fast was going to be big, but no one was predicting that it would (nearly) break the hundred million mark over the three day. The fanbase was there, and the last film was great, so this is what happens. This is a holiday weekend, so it’s hard to know if the film will be able to get to $300 domestically, and the film could be horribly front loaded, but Universal was right to already start on a seventh film.

Now they’re saying that The Hangover Part III cost a little over a hundred million, which means the main cast got paid upfront money. Domestically, it’s looking at maybe $120 Million as a final goal. Next weekend should be brutal, and it’s not a favorite film, so it’s all about international. Epic did a little better than I thought, but even if it gets to $100 Million (it’s got between now and Monsters University), it still feels a little limp.

That Star Trek didn’t fall over 50% is a good sign for the movie. That said, it’s pretty much done so it’s going to get over $200 Million or fall a little short of it. Next weekend not only features After Earth, but also there’s no holiday, so a 60% to 70% drop is not out of the question. Iron Man 3 looks like it should cross the $400 Million dollar mark, and The Great Gatsby has been much stronger than anticipated – perhaps it will get to $150 yet.  It was a robust weekend.

Reality Check: I went low. Low.

What did you watch this weekend?