Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac certainly should raise some eyebrows—not only is it a seemingly unnecessary remake of the not-all-that-great 1980 William Lustig slasher film of the same name (known best for a scene in which a Tom Savini’s head is ruptured with a shotgun rather than for any actual scares or storytelling), but it’s also told from a rather unique point of view.  The entire film was shot in first-person POV, meaning that we see the entire film through the eyes of Elijah Wood’s titular maniac.

It’s certainly an interesting way to play with a slasher trope (slasher films frequently include a POV shot or two), and Wood has been earning high marks for his performance.  So, can Khalfoun and company elevate the source material?  Check out the trailer to get an idea:

So there you have it—Elijah Wood plays Frank, the “withdrawn owner of a mannequin store” whose life as a serial killer changes when he meets a young artist named Anna; as his interest in Anna increases, so too does his extracurricular body count.  Whether or not that makes a great horror film remains to be seen (on our part, anyway), that said, the film has been earning solid reviews.

Maniac will be released on June 21 via IFC Midnight.

What do you think of the Maniac trailer?