When the cheesy action-filled Fast Five came out in theaters a couple of years ago, it completely changed the overall tone of the famous car-fueled franchise The Fast & the Furious. There was a slim chance that the sequel to the 5th movie would match the over-the-top action and tone that made us fall back in love with the franchise. Then Fast & Furious 6 was born, which is a wonderful combination of crazy action and goofy dialogue. The pacing does lag at certain points but it still delivers.

The Players:

Plot Synopsis:

the film picks up with Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) where Fast Five left off, with the whole group at peace and with millions of dollars in their pocket. But their happiness is put on hold when Hobbs (Johnson) comes back into the picture, informing them that they have to do one more job, this time for the government. They have to track down a truly terrifying criminal (Evans) and if they do so, Dom may be able to find his lost love Letty (Rodriguez) who — up to this point — he thought was dead.

The Good:

  • Action: After the events of Fast Five, audiences have been spoiled with great action sequences that have almost moved into the realm of fantasy fiction. The cars have (more or less) turned into these super-powered vehicles that can withstand more weight and gunfire than imaginable. The same goes with the humans too in Fast & Furious 6. A couple of our key characters, including practically all the scenes involving Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, have apparently found the key to cheat death and obtain some sort of superpower in order to survive through the worst kind of harm a human body could ever stand. It gets rather silly really fast, but these movies have reached the point to where anything is possible. If you go and watch the latest film with that in mind, then you’re going to have a blast.
  • Thick Globs Of Cheese: There’s a couple of levels worth of cheesiness that (to be fair) movie-goers have been exposed to throughout the decades. First, there’s the kind of sappy, cheesy dialogue that is reserved mainly for romance movies. Then there’s the kind of dialogue that we hear throughout this picture. The main characters, particularly Dominic (Diesel), mumble key phrases that should be stamped underneath some tacky motivational posters, yet the screenwriter believes that it fits better in this movie. It’s a pretty brilliant decision to make. Within the first five minutes of the movie, Dominic stands there in front of Brian (Walker), who’s about to become a father, when he mutters some crazy serious line about how his life will be changed forever, and says it with a serious look on his face. If he were about to go into court and receive some sort of sentencing, that kind of acting makes sense, but here it doesn’t which is what makes it so silly/perfect. At this point the filmmakers are self-aware of the tonal shift of the Fast & Furious franchise and have used it to their advantage by smothering some of the dialogue of these characters with cheesiness to the core.
  • Justin Lin: It takes a very confident and fine filmmaker to take a picture like this and turn it into the action-filled, popcorn munching adrenaline rush like we all wanted it to be. He even uses the blocking of certain characters to his advantage in order to amplify the craziness of a situation and get it to ludicrous degrees. Justin Lin, thank you good sir.
  • The Cast: One of the great things about Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 is that we get a proper balance of seeing our main characters get their screen time and still having the pleasure of being entertained by the remainder of the cast. Tyrese and Ludacris get more time to themselves (a big positive) and even Gina Carrano is able to show off some of her killer MMA moves during a brutal fight scene between her character and Letty (Rodriguez).

The Decent:

  • You’re Good… But Now You’re Evil!: At one point in the film one of our major characters is revealed to be playing a double agent for that of Shaw (Evans). There’s also the whole back story of dealing with “the component” that after a certain point, a lot of us don’t care to remember what it was all about. There’s a lot of exposition that’s either slathered into the movie or barely touched upon in certain scenes, which left me a little lost at certain points of the movie. Then another action scene took place and then my attention was brought back to the movie.
  • Tighten It Up: Probably the worst thing Fast & Furious 6 has going for it is the huge lull that takes place during some of our heavier dialogue scenes. When the movie decides to take it a little slower, it practically kicks you out of the car and sits you down on the asphalt for a good ten to fifteen minutes yammering away. These scenes aren’t to the point of where it’s absolutely painful to sit through, but at the same time we wish the pace was picked up a bit more. Tighter editing could have been useful at those points in the film.

The Bad:

  • Hey, I’ve got nothing for this section here: Yay!


It’s been a couple of weeks since a decent movie came out, so thank goodness that Fast & Furious 6 is being released in theaters now. It’s the kind of over-the-top action flick that summer audiences need in their diet.

Rating: 9/10

Fast & Furious 6 is out in theaters this Friday.

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