only god forgives

In the annals of cinematic sub-genres, the Awkward Dinner Scene (the one from Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes immediately to mind) can often be the thrilling emotional centerpiece to a film.  Or, it can be just really, really, really awkward, as seems to be the case with the newly-released red-band clip from Only God Forgives (hint: if you’re watching this at work, perhaps some headphones are in order).

The film stars Ryan Gosling as a young man who runs an underground fight club and moonlights as a heroin and coke distributor.  When his older brother is killed, his disturbed mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) insists that he track down the killer and avenge his brother’s death.  Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn (who previously teamed up with Gosling on Drive in 2011), it looks to be another stylishly dazzling chunk of eye-candy interspersed with long, awkward pauses in dialogue.

And just to keep you on the hook until the film’s July 19th release date, here’s a clip of Gosling having dinner with his mom and a date, who appears to be a prostitute.  Things go from bad to worse, with his mother beginning by insulting the date’s profession, before getting down to brass tacks and stating that Gosling’s manhood was always a litter, er, underwhelming when compared to his older brother:

So, from that scene alone, you should be able to gauge whether or not Only God Forgives is your type of film.

What do you think of the clip?

Source: CraveOnline