Well, here’s the fourth trailer for Disney’s The Lone Ranger, the mega-budget film (estimated at $250 million) that cost just about as much as Disney’s John Carter film did last year, and has had nearly as many behind-the-scenes snags and production issues (it’s almost as if the universe is trying to prevent these movies from being made, and the Mickey Mouse people just won’t listen).

It seems Disney is really, really banking on the fact that people will see Johnny Depp and a bland blond guy zipping around in CGI representations of the antiquated past and remember how much fun that had watching the exact same thing with from the same director Pirates of the Caribbean (Gore Verbinski), rather than note how the film looks like a weird mash up of The Wild, Wild West and John Carter.

But hey, the trailer has a lot of boom-booms and bang-bangs, and Johnny Depp is all twitchy and odd, and the combination of those elements tends to generate millions in box office.  So, trailer:

So there you have it—it’s Pirates of the Caribbean in the old west; if that sounds like your thing, go have some fun on July 3.

What do you think of the trailer?