We’ve fallen into the age where digital platforms, such as Amazon and Netflix, have turned into the new wave of go-to television. There are plenty of other companies that fit the profile that want to take part in the latest craze, but the newest one to join the ring may surprise you. What makes this news even cooler is what video game they’re turning into a live-action series and who’s one of the fine people helping put it together.

Following the announcement of Microsoft‘s new XBox game system XBox One (which, personally, sounds like a really boring title for a new console), they brought out Steven Spielberg to deliver the big news. The world famous filmmaker revealed to everybody that he’ll be directing Xbox’s first official live-action television series which is based off the Halo video games. Now this may not be the big bad movie that a lot of fanboys/fangirls have been dreaming of for years, but to be able to have Steven Spielberg on board handling the whole thing sounds pretty wonderful.

For the time being the show will be released exclusively on XBox Live, unless they say otherwise at a later date. It’s no surprise that Microsoft eventually went down this route, especially since they have been letting many other digital platforms like Hulu or Netflix strut their stuff on their own system. The question is will this Halo television series look anything as cool as the Halo Reach trailers? Here’s one of them below in case you’ve forgotten about them.

Do you want to see a live-action Halo television series or movie?

Source: Slashfilm