Jeremy Renner

We’ve previously reported to you that Marvel is planning on bringing the African superhero Black Panther into the Marvel Cinematic Universe; elsewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve noted that even Jeremy Renner thought his role in The Avengers sucked.  What do these two things have to do with one another?  Well, they form the crux of the latest from the Marvel rumor mill.

/Film notes that Anant Singh, the chairman of South Africa’s Cape Town Film Studios, has stated that Marvel has contacted him about filming portions of The Avengers 2 there.  And, seeing as how the Black Panther character comes from a (fictional) African country, many are connecting dots and assuming that Black Panther will be getting everything from a post-credits tease for Marvel Phase 3 to a full inclusion as an Avenger team member in The Avengers 2 or 3.

And how is that there will be room for a new Avengers?  Well, therein comes the second rumor.  As Jeremy Renner has stated his obvious disappointment with his role in The Avengers, rumor has it that Marvel is looking to recast him (a la War Machine or the Hulk), or ditch the character altogether.  /Film also notes that Hawkeye is the only Avenger thus far not scheduled to appear in any of the post-Avengers individual superhero films.

What do you think—any legitimacy to the Marvel rumors?