Nikita‘s third season finale was one for the books. “Til Death Do Us Part” pushed the team to their limit. After last week’s cliffhanger we knew things would go from bad to worse—and they did. When Amanda’s in control that’s the only option.

The Players:

  • Director: Eagle Egilsson
  • Writer: Albert Kim
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Noah Bean, Lyndie Greenwood, Michelle Nolden

Episode Title: “Til Death Do Us Part:”

Nikita plans to go through with the assassination of President Spencer. Amanda continues to pull the strings, with Michael’s life on the line. Meanwhile, Birkhoff notices Nikita’s strange behavior. The group discovers Amanda’s involvement and try to save both Michael and Nikita.

The Good:

  • Pace: There was so much happening in this episode. Between Nikita’s assassination attempt, Michael’s pseudo-death and the Dirty Thirty, we couldn’t catch our breath. Thankfully, the writers understand the concept of pacing. Just when we thought one thing was resolved another issue popped up. It was great!
  • Michael aka Lazarus: After Dr. Kang was killed, the team took drastic measures to save Michael. The only way the nanotoxins would die, is if its host was dead. Therefore, they put Michael on ice (literally). They killed him for 20 minutes then brought him back to life. He had an emotional reunion with Nikita and Amanda realized she lost her bargaining chip.
  • The Dirty Thirty: Amanda’s a sore loser so she called in reinforcements. The Dirty Thirty came out of the woodwork to wipe out Division. Alex, Ryan and Birkhoff tried to fend them off, while Sonya was busy resuscitating Michael. The three of them put up a good fight, but the assassins were too much. Cue Nikita.
  • Nikita Saves the Day: At first, things were looking bleak. Birkhoff and Alex were getting pummeled, while Ryan was getting stabbed. Nikita burst through the door guns blazing surrounded by a ray of light. She kicked ass and took names. It reminded us of Season 1, when she took on a gym full of Division recruits.
  • The Set-up: Nikita was supposed to kill President Spencer, but didn’t follow through. Michael let her believe that he’d found the cure for the nanotoxin. Nikita tried to warn the President that people in her office want her dead. At that moment, the Commander-in-Chief took the gun and killed herself. The Secret Service rushed in and grabbed Nikita who was marked as a murderer.
  • The Twist: President Spencer’s alive! She’s being held captive in a cage by The Shop. The woman who pulled that trigger was an impostor. Her faked death was always a part of their plan. Even though she’s alive, no one else knows it. It’s obvious her rescue will be the objective for next season. They need to get her out of there.
  • Division’s Demise: Are we the only ones who got emotional when Division was destroyed? There were so many memories. So many faces walked through those halls: Percy, Sean, Jaden, Thom and even Owen. Speaking of Owen, where the heck was he this week?
  • The End: Rather than let her family suffer in the shadows Nikita hit the road. She snuck out of the safe house, and left her engagement ring. Michael called her cell, but she didn’t pick up. She threw it out the window and just cried. It was such a sad sight.


“Til Death Do Us Part” was an amazing episode. It’s been a long time since we’ve been impressed with this show. The way the group fought for each other’s survival was admirable. At one point or another everyone was ready to sacrifice themselves. We’re gonna miss their family dynamic.

Rating: 10/10

Nikita will return for a shortened fourth and final season next year on The CW.

What did you think of the episode?