christopher nolan inception dark knight

Just a little caveat before we start—don’t expect Christopher Nolan to direct Bond 24.  With Interstellar on the horizon, it just can’t happen.  OK, continue.

Director Christopher Nolan has previously stated that he’d like to direct a James Bond.  The entire internet seems to want Christopher Nolan to direct a James Bond film.  Christopher Nolan fans seems to want it; James Bond fans seem to want it.  And now, it seems that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson want it, too.

The Daily Mail (via Cinema Blend) is reporting that the producers have begun “informal talks” with Nolan concerning the next 007, the as-yet untitled Bond 24.

Now, it’s extraordinarily unlikely that Nolan will direct Bond 24—the 007 producers want a new Bond film within the next three years, and Nolan is going to spend the next year and a half working on Interstellar.  Thus, he’d have to jump immediately from one gigantic project and rush headlong into another (having such a cramped schedule is why Skyfall director Sam Mendes did not return for Bond 24).

That said, the sheer fact that 007 producers have begun an informal relationship with Nolan is at least somewhat indicative of their desire to have Nolan involved in the franchise; perhaps it’s not too much to hope he may be at the helm for Bond 25.

What do you think of the Bond news?