The long-gestating plans to turn Stephen King’s gargantuan and multi-novel The Dark Tower series into a franchise of three films and a concurrent television series have hit more than a few snags over the years—the film lost leading man Javier Bardem (who was to be replaced by Russell Crowe), and then Universal bailed on the pricey project, and then Warner Bros. rejected the project, leaving it on the bottom rung of development hell in which, as /Film notes, it would be one film financed by Media Rights Capital, with maybe some sequels if the first film is a success.

That all may be changing now, as project spearheads Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman, and Brian Glazer may have found alternate financial backing for the series of films and TV programs that would feature a mutli-layered storyline of multiple universes crumbling in on themselves while housed within a rose in New York City.   Deadline notes that Grazer has stated a “Silicon Valley investor” has offered to finance the multiple films and TV seasons.

What does this mean for the project?  Well, no one knows at this point—as /Film notes, it may be likely that Media Rights Capital and the investor collaborate together on funding the project.

What do you think of the potential Dark Tower news?