2013 is looking to be a pretty epic summer of entertainment, and there’s delights virtually every week. But one of our most anticipated films of the summer is Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim. The latest trailer makes its case and then some, as it features great robot money shots followed by more awesome robot vs. monster fighting.

Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam leads a TV-heavy cast that includes The Wire‘s Idris Elba, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Charlie Day, Oscar nominee Rinko Kikuchi and del Toro’s totem actor Ron Perlman, who team up to stop the Kaiju from taking over the planet and wiping out the humans. They do so by designing and fighting in giant robot suits that are connected to their nervous system (it seems). Here’s the latest trailer:

There are a number of new shots here, and the one going under the robot as it walks is impressive and should prove if the film’s 3D post conversion was worthwhile. At this point, after all the ads, Pacific Rim either has a concept hooks you or it doesn’t, and though the trailers haven’t spent much time on character development, now is not the time to show if the film has anything going on under the surface. Now is the time to sell the spectacle, and this looks chocked full of it. And though it may not be for everyone’s taste, we can bet it will be big in Japan. Pacific Rim is set to hit theaters July 12.

Are you down for Pacific Rim?