When Rio made its way to theaters in April of 2011, it was a surprise hit, netting over $140 Million domestically and nearly half a billion worldwide. Which meant that they were going to have to make a sequel. And so they did. Rio 2 is hitting theaters next April, and until then here’s a teaser trailer.

As a teaser trailer, it does exactly that. It teases the return of the main characters from the first movie, which includes the birds played by Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg, Oscar winners Jamie Foxx and Anne Hathaway, the dog, and more. It doesn’t offer too much talking (it seems the only one who gets a line is Jemaine Clement), and there’s no actual footage from the movie.  Here’s that teaser:

Fox’s Blue Sky studios has churned out a couple of hits like the Ice Age franchise, Robots, and they’ve had luck adapting Dr. Seuss to the big screen. The question is if that’s enough now that Fox also has DreamWorks Animation. The animation studios seem different enough that they can both exist, but Dreamworks Animation is the bigger dog and usually puts out two films a year, one in the summer, one in the winter, and most hits. Where Blue Sky, other than the Ice Age movies, has mostly put their films out in the off seasons. Which makes us curious if Blue Sky is nervous or thinking about moving. Rio 2 opens in theaters April 11, 2014.

Will you shake a tail feather to see Rio 2?