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It continues to be a big week for television. All of the major networks are in New York, unveiling their fall lineups and introducing new shows. NBC and Fox have released a bunch of trailers for their freshmen series, including video for Dracula, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, The Michael J. Fox Show, Seth MacFarlane‘s Dads and Andy Samberg‘s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Check them out below:

  • NBC TRAILERS: The first trailer from NBC is for Ironside, a remake of the classic crime drama, starring Blair Underwood as Robert T. Ironside, a paralyzed detective. The second is for Dracula, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the title role. The show comes from the producers of Downton Abbey (which explains the Victorian-era tone it has) and the director of The Tudors, which previously starred Meyers. There’s also a trailer for the James Spader drama The Blacklist. Spader stars as the most wanted criminal in the world who decides to turn himself in and help the other side. On the comedy front, we’ve got the interracial sitcom Welcome To The Family, starring Glee‘s Mike O’ Malley. There’s also Sean Saves the World, with Sean Hayes as a single gay dad of a teenage daughter. And lastly there’s The Michael J. Fox Show, where Fox plays a news anchor with Parkinson. Check out the trailers below:

Ironside will air Wednesday nights at 10 PM.

Dracula will air Friday nights at 10 PM.

The Blacklist will take up the Monday night 10 PM slot.

Welcome To The Family will follow Parks & Rec at 8:30 PM.

Sean Saves The World will air Thursday nights at 9 PM.

The Michael J. Fox Show will follow Sean Saves The World at 9:30 PM.

  • FOX Trailers: From Fox we’ve got a set of seven new trailers. First there’s Enlisted, about three brothers who get into all kinds of hijinks on a Florida army base. There’s MacFarlane’s Dads, starring Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as video makers who have their bachelor lives interrupted when their dads decide to move in with them. We say this one’s got potential. There’s also Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has Samberg playing an immature detective. On the more serious side there’s Almost Human, which /Film describes as a buddy cop series with a sci-fi twist. There’s last the lawyer drama Rake, starring Greg Kinnear. And lastly there’s Sleepy Hollow, which we posted yesterday. Check out the trailers below:

Enlisted will air Friday nights at 9:30.

Dads will air Tuesdays at 8 PM.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will follow Dads at 8:30 PM.

Almost Human will air Monday nights at 8 PM.

Rake will take up Thursdays at 9 PM.

What do you think of the shows? Which ones do you think have potential?

Source: The LA Times