How I Met Your Mother-Something New-Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders

The season finale of How I Met Your Mother has come and gone, but we’re still reeling. “Something New” introduced a character, but not the different direction we were promised. As the gang prepared for the wedding weekend, loose ends were fit to be tied, while others were still unraveling.

The Players:

  • Director: Pamela Fryman
  • Writers: Carter Bays and Craig Thomas
  • Cast: Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Bob Saget, Lyndsy Fonseca, David Henrie, Casey Wilson, Keegan-Michael Key, Marshall Manesh, Joe Nieves, Ned Rolsma, Susie Plakson, Brian Huskey, Cherub Moore, Cristin Milioti

Episode Title: “Something New”

Before the wedding festivities begin, everyone takes a day to prepare.

The Good:

  •  Just Like Ryan Gosling: Marvin and Marshall’s trip to Minnesota was needed; Ted and Lily quality time has been long overdue. Who else could find the poo in Ted’s reason for moving to Chicago?  Her ominous for Ted to, “Be careful,” stuck with us for a while. We have one bone to pick with our favorite redhead; her claim that she’s never seen The Notebook feels faulty. Even if Lily is cool enough to never happen upon Nicholas Spark’s work, Marshall would have made her watch it by now. Where’s the poo Lily?
  • The Scherbatsky’s: Okay, we were wrong about Barney and the locket. Try as we might, we couldn’t see any more red flags with him and Robin. We thought they were projecting their fears about committing on the couple they tried to destroy. However, throughout the whole shenanigan they looked legitimately happy. Kristen and her counterpart deserved every bit of the torture they got because Casey Wilson of the recently canceled yet still “Ah-mahzing” Happy Endings and Keegan-Michael Key of the riotous sketch show Key & Peele owned their roles. Robin and Barney’s simultaneous assessment that they were their mortal enemies cemented their soul mate status. There was a curious look on Robin’s face on their way to the wedding weekend (Wistful? Pensive?), but we’ll have to wait and see if that meant anything.
  • Be Careful: As we anticipated, that lengthy look during last week’s rainstorm meant something to Ted. It was a reminder that his feelings for Robin haven’t faded. His admission that he’ll do anything to make her smile along with Lily’s confession on the “Something Old” locket’s location created suspense. Certainly Ted is hoping for something. The writers just created more work for themselves. In our eyes, his feelings are a reaction to his loneliness. He’s desperately clinging to the last option in front of him, Robin. Or he could really be in love with her. Either way, they’re going to have to work hard to make us buy his transition from Robin devotee to staying in New York for this new girl.
  • Your Honor: In a move we should have seen coming, Marshall’s opportunity to become a judge put a stop to the move to Italy. At least it will once he has the nerve to tell Lily. This is concerning: we know the Erikson’s marriage weathers all storms thanks to the many flashes forward to their happily married future. That doesn’t mean there won’t be scuffles along the way. With Lily’s heart set on their year in Europe and her successful new career, we could be looking at an overblown argument, a buried longing, or a separation for the benefit of both careers. You get what you ask for, but hopefully we didn’t ask for too much. 
  • Finally: If you aren’t a disciple of HIMYM, you might not have recognized the unveiling of the character we’ve been waiting forever to meet. All we did was watch her buy a ticket to “Farhampton,” the station she and Ted were obliviously sharing. That ubiquitous yellow umbrella should have served as the tip-off. The actress, Cristin Milioti, hails from The Sopranos and 30 Rock’s infamous “TGS Hates Women,” Plus, she was nominated for a Tony Award, for her performance in the musical Once. Showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas purposefully used an unknown actress so the reveal would feel as fresh to us as it felt to Ted. For now, we can say she resembles Lily and Robin, which makes sense. Ted would fall for a look-alike of the two coolest women he could never have (Or have again).

The Bad:

  • Something New: The introduction of The Mother was supposed to usher in a new era. The creators/showrunners promised us a new look and new direction for the ninth and final season. So far, nothing has changed. All we got was a peek at The Mother; we still don’t even know her name. You can expect the first couple episodes to deal with the wedding, drawing out proceedings which are the norm for this show. With Ted and The Mother not truly meeting until they’re at the train station after the wedding, there’s no telling when that will actually happen. We have no idea what the new season will bring, but right now it’s looking like more of the same.


“Something New” wasn’t what we were hoping for, but it certainly drummed up a lot of excitement for next season. So we’ll say it now: let’s return the slap bet! Ending the run with one final Slapsgiving would make our year.

Rating: 8.5/10

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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