Swing Swing: Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion

This week was Castle‘s season finale. In “Watershed,” Beckett must choose between the job opportunity of a lifetime and continuing to work with Castle and the team. Caught at a crossroad, she turns to her family and friends to help her decide.

The Players:

  • Director: John Terlesky
  • Writer: Andrew W. Marlowe
  • Cast:  Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Tamala Jones, Penny Johnson Gerald, Molly C. Quinn, Susan Sullivan

Episode Title: “Watershed”

Esposito and Ryan know something’s up with Beckett and Castle when she shows up late to their case. While writing the final chapters of Deadly Heat, Castle hasn’t heard from her. Meanwhile, Beckett’s job interview in D.C. goes well, and Captain Gates gives her a stellar recommendation. Beckett and Castle fight over secrets and their future. Both seek advice from their parents. Alexis is planning a trip to Costa Rica and seeks Castle’s approval.

The Good:

  • Naming Names: The writers had fun with names and irony this time around. Javi jokes that the victim’s name is as fake as something out of Castle’s books. “Watershed” is a good episode title as well. Not only does our case involve a body found in one, an algorithmic watershed traces the path of a drip. It always rolls to the lowest point. Likewise, Castle and Beckett hit some bumps in their relationship, but like the drop of water, they find their way in the end.
  • Really Real: No 3XK. No Senator Bracken. No awesome secret agent Dad saving the day. Having no seasoned bad guys reappear was refreshing. We can appreciate the realism of working through normal events like job opportunities and relationship blunders.
  • One Last Case: We had a great case full of twists and turns that kept us guessing until the end. As usual, we loved the parallels between the case and precinct family.
  • Parental Guidance: Martha has a wonderful talk with her son. It’s good that he turned to her because no one knows him better than she does. Also, we love how Beckett sought out her father for advice. They both lean on their family when they have important decisions to make in their lives.
  • Facing Fears: Alexis talks to Castle about her trip to the rainforest, about her nightmares from Paris, and her decision to live life to the fullest. We can appreciate her level-headed personality. Her talk with Castle was an endearing moment.
  • Glimpses of the Future: We have a scene where Castle’s debating which book cover image will suit the next novel best. Alas, we have mention of the 5th novel in the Nikki Heat series, Deadly Heat. He must’ve went with the red cover judging by the pre-order description on Amazon.
  • The Team: The supporting cast shined in this episode. They gave us laughs and they had us in suspense. Every nuance and gesture was well-placed. It’s for this reason, we’re looking forward to next season (or dreading a break-up of the precinct family).
  • Interrogation Nation: Beckett’s interrogation of the murderer was amazing. She is bold, brave and fearless. Also, her claim that the interrogation room is her home was brilliant writing. Her decision to let Esposito and Ryan finish up the confession well-played.
  • The Proposal: This was a lackluster proposal, but the swing set made for a touching and meaningful location. We would’ve expected more from the rich, playful and ruggedly-handsome Castle, but we liked his humble approach.

The So-So:

  • Exit Wounds: Beckett’s consideration of the job in D.C. means she wouldn’t work homicides with Castle and the team she’s grown to trust. It doesn’t mean her relationship with Castle would be over. What happened to long-distance relationships? Why couldn’t Castle just move there? They didn’t answer these questions convincingly.

The Bad:

  • Unbelievable: We understand that Beckett kept secrets from Castle about her meeting with Stack and the job interview. Castle had a valid point of being hurt by that. On the other hand, that doesn’t warrant him ignoring her feelings regarding the matter. He acts selfishly by not talking about the situation with her. He simply walks out. This isn’t the same commitment we saw back in “Still” when he was willing to stay with her in the face of death.

The Quotes:

  • Beckett: “If you had the opportunity to do something you really wanted to do, but it would mean everything in your life would change, would you take it?”
  • Esposito: “That name is so fake it sounds like one out of your books.”
  • Esposito: “Aren’t you two practically living together now?”
  • Gates: “With any luck, this could be your last case.”
  • Castle: “I looked it up. Toucans are extremely aggressive.”
  • Alexis: “I don’t want to let fear win.”
  • Beckett: “I’m a homicide detective.”
  • Castle: “You knew what this would mean and you didn’t include me.”
  • Castle: “How am I supposed to be in a relationship with her if she won’t let me in?”
  • Beckett: “There’s something I have to tell you guys. There’s someone else I have to tell first.”
  • Beckett: “It’s like we’ve been doing this dance for five years and what if all we were in love with was the dance?”
  • Beckett: “This job. It’s what I want.”
  • Castle: “Whatever you decide…Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?”


“Watershed” was the most anticipated Castle finale, and it didn’t disappoint… too much. We’re not completely satisfied with the actions of our favorite couple, but they are realistically portrayed. 

Rating: 9/10

Castle airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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