Pixar is more or less in the middle of their monstrous sequel wave that doesn’t appear to be stopping at any point soon. While we’re a month away from the release of the adorable-looking Monsters University, Pixar is already teasing us all about the next sequel that will be making its way into theaters within the next five years. The only problem is we have no idea which one that would be.

Apparently Disney CEO Bob Iger has some major plans already laid out for Pixar Animation Studios within the next five years, and we’re just trying to figure out what Pixar movie will fit. At least they’ve got it all figured out, since they’re already looking to move forward to chuck it out into theaters fairly soon. Iger has this to say about Pixar’s future within the next five years:

On the animation front, Pixar continues to create great value for our company too. We are very excited about Monsters University which opens next month. Pixar’s slate of films for the next five years includes fantastic original stories as well as some great sequels to their previous hits. And as we recently announced, we are in production on one of those sequels, Finding Dory, featuring Ellen DeGeneres once again as the voice of Dory, one of the most beloved characters from Finding Nemo which was one of the most popular and profitable movies to date.

We’ve already got Monsters University and Finding Dory, what else could be next? If this were my dream world we’d be grabbing Brad Bird and finally making The Incredibles 2 but that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. I really hope it doesn’t have anything to do with Cars. Yes, I know that they’re making a spinoff called Planes but I’m referring to Pixar making Cars 3, which would include us having to sit down and watch Tow Mater for another two hours. Kids will enjoy it, but adults will probably be rolling their eyes like they were for the last sequel.

Which Pixar movie would you like to see get a sequel?

Source: Slashfilm