Though Iron Man 3 still ruled the weekend, The Great Gatsby exceeded all expectations and made over $50 Million this weekend. The obvious joke would be to suggest that a lot of book reports must be due for the end of the school year. Yeah, that’s the obvious joke.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Iron Man 3 $72,472,000 (-58.4) $17,040 $284,893,000
2 The Great Gatsby $51,115,000 $14,460 $51,115,000
3 Pain and Gain $5,000,000 (-33.4) $1,514 $41,608,000
4 Peeples $4,850,000 $2,376 $4,850,000
5 42 $4,650,000 (-23.2)
$1,587 $84,732,000
6 Oblivion $3,863,000 (-31.5) $1,395 $81,655,000
7 The Croods $3,600,000 (-14.3) $1,358 $173,215,000
8 The Big Wedding $2,500,000 (-35.6) $1,088 $18,288,000
9 Mud $2,343,000 (+8.4) $2,744 $8,363,000
10 Oz the Great and Powerful $802,000 (-62.0) $1,036 $229,985,000

As this is the start of summer, you can see the vacuum-like effect of the new summer movies. Everything else is doing less than five million. But that may be good in the sense that there’s only one new picture next weekend, and two for memorial day, so a ten to a twenty screen theater may hold on to a Pain and Gain or The Croods to have more than five pictures.

Iron Man was off by nearly 60%, but it should clear $300 Million during the week, and though it will probably keep dropping, it’s already made a lot of money. Huge hit. It seemed possible that it could hit half a billion domestic, but now $400 Million seems more likely. It all depends on how well it weathers the next two weekends. It’s already nearing a billion worldwide, and should cross that this week as well.

But this weekend, it’s hard not to fancy The Great Gatsby. Early predictions were much lower, but the movie came on strong in midnights and with its Friday numbers. Star power may have made this the hit it might be, as Leonardo DiCaprio is a worldwide draw. And the film’s success all depends on how it plays internationally as Gatsby cost over $100 Million to make. But with these numbers they’ll clear $100 Million domestic and could get to $300-$400 worldwide when all is said and done, which would make this a hit. We’ll see how it plays at Cannes.

With so few other pictures out there, it’s possible that Pain and Gain will limp over $50 Million dollars, which means that if it does any business internationally, it should be in a good box office place. But if anyone hoped to make money off the film, their hopes lie on home video. Peeples opened this weekend, and was produced by Tyler Perry. It’s DOA.

Otherwise, it may be worth mentioning that Oblivion is going to break even, but that’s just about all it’s going to do.

Reality Check: I though Gatsby was going to do terrible business. I was wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?