saoirse ronan avengers 2

Because Joss Whedon has cautiously let the entire world know that X-Men and sometimes Avengers comic book characters Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be appearing in The Avengers 2 (rather, they’re in the current draft, at least), it’s now time to let the rampant speculation begin as to who will take the role of the two new Avengers—because simply waiting to find out when the film is released in 2015 would be the rational and adult thing to do, and that’s simply outside of our wheelhouse.

Superhero Hype (via Cinema Blend) is reporting that that descriptions of the types of actors that Marvel is currently looking for have leaked.  An interesting, but not surprising, note?  The brother and sister superheroes will not be mutants in the film, nor will their father (Magneto) be mentioned, as 20th Century Fox owns all film rights to the X-Men, not Marvel.

Moreover, Marvel is currently on the hunt for actors in their 20s, “preferably of British descent.”  For Quicksilver, they want a man who is “Euro” and “edgy,” and for Scarlet Witch, they want someone like the spell-check defying Saoirse Ronan.

Now, this doesn’t mean they want Ronan specifically; rather, they are simply noting that The Host star sets the type of prototype they are hunting for.  One would also assume this means that Ronan herself is a contender.

What do you think of The Avengers 2 news?