We may recognize Owen Wilson as that pouty lipped lead guy in a number of comedies, but he can hold his own when it pertains to the more dramatic roles. It appears that Wilson will be going the more dramatic route again with his next possible role in the new Paul Thomas Anderson flick Inherent Vice.

Owen Wilson has a number of roles on his plate at the moment but surely he can make some time to be part of a Paul Thomas Anderson film, that is unless he doesn’t get the role. The part we’re talking about is a surf-saxophone player who will be appearing throughout the story. His character is heavy into drugs and takes a downward turn due to his substance abuse in the film. If Owen Wilson does join up on the picture, he’ll be working alongside Benicio Del Toro and Joaquin Phoenix. Just having those last two names together in a movie, a Paul Thomas Anderson one to boot, already tickles me with excitement.

Inherent Vice is based off the novel written by Thomas Pynchon that centers on a drugged up private eye who one day runs into his ex-girlfriend. She plots to kidnap a billionaire land developer which brings him into a crazy setting that could get him killed. We’re not sure when filming will begin for this picture but we hope it’s soon, very soon.

Would you want to see Owen Wilson in Inherent Vice?

Source: Slashfilm