D&D With Friends: Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bailik, Jim Parsons, Melissa Rauch, and Simon Helberg

Sheldon and Amy talk about their future in The Big Bang Theory‘s “The Love Spell Potential.” Raj and Lucy establish boundaries in their relationship, while the rest of the gang plays Dungeons and Dragons.

The Players:

  • Director: Anthony Rich
  • Writer: Chuck Lorre, Jim Reynolds, Maria Ferrari
  • Cast: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bailik, Kate Micucci

Episode Title: “The Love Spell Potential”

The girls head to Vegas, so the boys decide to throw a party at home with Dungeons and Dragons. Raj ditches the game to go on a date with Lucy. When he pushes her past her comfort zone, Lucy runs into a mishap while trying to escape through a window. When Vegas doesn’t work out, the girls come home and join in the guys. After a few drinks, they jest about Sheldon and Amy’s characters hooking up, which forces them to open up about their real intimacy issues.

The Good:

  • Dungeon Master: Howard’s Nicholas Cage Tree, Ghost of Raj, Al Pacino, Ogre, and Christopher Walken impersonations kept the episode rolling. We’ve heard him imitate Stephen Hawking before, but this really revealed Simon Helberg’s mimetic talents. It’s nice to see Howard end the season with the acceptance of his friends, since he began it feeling unrecognized for his space achievements.
  • Casting the Love Spell: Sheldon and Amy take their intimacy to the next level in the most believable (and unbelievable), laughable and clever way possible. We appreciate Sheldon’s attempt to be mindful of Amy’s feelings by continuing the game in private instead of in front of their friends since she felt embarrassed of their joking about their relationship.
  • Too Close for Comfort: Raj and Lucy still reign as the king and queen of awkwardness. Though they are presented in ridiculous ways, their emotional issues, quirks and odd fears are shared by everyone. This episode effectively explores what it means to be out of your comfort zone.
  • So Quotable: This is possibly the most quotable episode of the season. Though we appreciate the non-quotable moments too, like when Leonard uses Zachary Quinto to explain how change can be okay to Sheldon. Each character has a different mannerism or inflection they bring to the table that’s realistically funny.

The So-So:

  • The Game: Just when we thought we were over D&D, we get a comedic version of it that ties the episode together really well.. Penny and Sheldon’s assertions that girls don’t play are great because, regardless of whether we agree or not, it brings up the interesting topic of gender in gaming culture.

The Quotes:

  • Amy: “No rules? We’re not going to get drunk and have a six-way with the Blue Man Group are we?”
  • Penny: “I’ve got a brand new bikini, so drinks at the pool are on these.”
  • Bernadette: “I’ve got a sexy new tube top that says ‘come hither’ and a bottle of pepper spray that says ‘close enough, Jack!’”
  • Raj: “We have this rule on the phone that if no one talks for three minutes, you can just hang up.”
  • Raj: “We are might warriors and nothing short of death will keep us from our goal…oh, Lucy’s free after all. See ya!”
  • Sheldon: “Go on, give him your lunch money!”
  • Raj: “Unless you find neediness sexy. In which case, you’re about to have dinner with the hottest man on the planet.”
  • Lucy: “I’d love to be able to tell the lady who cuts my hair that I don’t like bangs.”
  • Penny: “You lost money, you’re filled with shame, and you got groped by a stranger. I mean, that’s Vegas.”
  • Sheldon: “Three weeks ago you bought crunchy peanut butter. Now you want girls to play D&D. Do you have a drug problem?”
  • Sheldon: “I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons with girls before.”
    Penny: “Don’t worry, sweetie. No one has.”
  • Penny: “This isn’t alcohol. It’s a magic potion that makes me like you.”
  • Penny: “Please tell me we’re playing for money!”
    Sheldon: “Oh, even better than money. You just earned experience points.”
  • Amy: “This is even better than Vegas!”
  • Raj: “You have bigger emotional problems than I do, and I find that very attractive in a woman.”
  • Sheldon: “Never knocked on my own door before. That was a wild ride.”
  • Amy: “I guess I just want more.” Sheldon: “More? Look at us. It’s only been three years and here we are in bed together.”
  • Sheldon: “I erotically caress your…nose.” Amy: “Keep rolling.”
  • Amy: “Go away. Sheldon is nibbling on my…14! Yes!”


“The Love Spell Potential  humorously deals with gender issues, intimacy, and comfort zones in a realistic way.  

The Rating: 9/10

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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