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OK, the history of a would-be 24 movie spin-off has grown wildly convoluted, and yesterday, the tale just got a little longer.   A quick recap: star Kiefer Sutherland said filming would begin in 2011, 20th Century Fox then shot down the script but Sutherland promised the film was still coming, then the actor promised the film would happen in 2012, and then the film became delayed before a 24 trilogy was promised.  Then, director Antoine Fuqua, who was set to direct the film, came out and said the project was finally dead due to Sutherland’s busy schedule.  Now, the series may get a mini-series spin-off rather than a film.

As we reported on Thursday, a whole host of TV shows were cancelled.  One of those included Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch, meaning the actor’s schedule just got a lot more manageable.  As such, /Film is now reporting that the actor is in preliminary talks with Fox to once again star as agent Jack Bauer.  Only this time, instead of a TV series of film spin-off, he would appear in a “limited event series,” which seems to be an annoyingly ambiguous term for mini-series.

No deals for Sutherland are yet in place, but let’s just please hope this thing happens, because some of us are really, really tired of writing about would-be 24 projects.

UPDATE: According to /Film notes “limited event series” means 13 more episodes–a little more than a mini-series, but less than a full season.

What do you think of the 24 news?

Source: /Film