Parks and Rec

With NBC announcing their scheduling decision for next year, they’ve made the bold step to renew Parks and Recreation, while cancelling 1600 Penn, Whitney, Guys with Kids, and Up All Night.

For the most part the shows they’ve cancelled have floundered, with Up All Night one of their most problematic (it was going from a one camera to a three camera show and lost some cast members). None of these were strong performers, nor made much of a dent in pop culture.

What’s fascinating about Parks and Recreation‘s renewal is that it’s been critically acclaimed since its second season, but has never been a strong performer. NBC’s Thursday nights has spent thirty years being one of their most successful evenings, and specifically with comedy as Thursday’s have had Cheers, The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, Friends, and The Office and even more hit shows. Perhaps they hope to rebuild their place with this night (NBC’s ratings have been very low of late), and having Parks as the anchor to whatever they bring in makes sense.

But the big question left with the renewals is what’s going to happen with Community? The long struggling show has made it to four seasons, with the last a reduced order 13 episodes, but one more season would get it into syndication territory, and it’s not like NBC has anything better to put on Thursday. Either way, it’s a decision that will leave some happy and others upset. We’re guessing we’ll get an answer in the next couple days.

Are you happy that Parks is returning? Do you want Community back?