Tonight, Person of Interest wraps an eventful second season. The previous episode ended on a major cliffhanger. John and Root battle to control The Machine, Shaw and Finch are on edge, while Grace is… wait, what’s Grace up to? ScreenCrave recently spoke to her portrayer Carrie Preston who teased her return in the epic finale. She also gave a sneak peek of what we can expect from Arlene on the latest season of True Blood.

So Grace will appear in the season finale?

Carrie Preston: [Yes] We shot the scenes that you’ll see — we shot them out of context. They had to get the scenes in the can before I went back to work on True Blood. In a funny way, it was like we were doing the first act of a play that we’d never read the second act of. The script wasn’t ready. It was shot as a stand alone experience and I’ll be really interested to see how it cuts together and where it fits in to the bigger picture… I haven’t heard if they will be bringing me back next season and if so, in what capacity or how that would play out. So we’ll just have to see.

Will Root harm Grace? Did you shoot any scenes with Amy Acker?

Carrie Preston: Grace is definitely Finch’s Achilles heel… But no, I did not shoot any scenes with Root.

According to Finch, whoever answers the phone has the power. But both John and Root got the call. Is it fair to say the finale’s filled with chaos?

Carrie Preston: Yes, definitely. It’s gonna have that. I’m curious to see what The Machine wants from each of those characters… They cut to a shot of Mr. Finch moving some wires around, so I think that he’s definitely up to something. But I don’t know because I didn’t read the scripts and also didn’t want to. I want to be surprised along with the rest of the viewers as to how the story unfolds. I do know that they will be jumping back in time as they usually do per episode so they will be doing that as well. It’s going to be moving around quite a bit.

Will we figure out what really happened to Finch’s ex-partner Nathan? 

Carrie Preston: I’m not sure exactly how they’re going to reveal that… It was such a good revelation to see that Mr. Finch was not originally the one who wanted the backdoor. I thought that was a very interesting moment. We just assumed all along that Finch was the one that built that but it was actually Nathan. I thought that was a really clever revelation.

We loved the proposal scene between Finch and Grace. Did you shoot all of your scenes at once, or did you have to come back?

Carrie Preston: The scenes that I did with him where we had our first date and we did our trip to the Guggenheim we shot that separately a while back. Then the scenes that you’ll be seeing this week, we had to shoot those in November or December before True Blood started shooting again. It was, in a weird way, like shooting stand alone episodes that were just starring Finch and Grace. It was quite fun. I was very grateful that they were able to make that happen before I went back to work on my main gig, which is True Blood.

Speaking of True Blood, does Season 6 pick up right where Season 5 left off? 

Carrie Preston: There’s no time lapse. It definitely picks up right where we left off. There’s only been one season where time has lapsed and that was between three and four. It was when Sookie was in Fairyland. She felt like she was there for 20 minutes yet it was a year that went by.

Arlene spent most of last season being terrified of her demon baby. What’s in store for her this time around?

Carrie Preston: Last season… Terry had to kill his comrade Patrick. So we’re going to see the ramifications of that act and how it effects Arlene and Terry.

So we’ll get some good relationship stuff from them?

Carrie Preston: Yes.

Person of Interest’s season finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS. True Blood returns to HBO June 16.