One of our most anticipated films of this year would have to be Edgar Wright’s The World’s End, as it will be the third and final film in the director’s Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy (each film features a character eating one of the three flavors).  First there was the horror comedy Shaun of the Dead, which found the director toying with the zombie apocalypse genre; the second film was Hot Fuzz, which fused a spoof of over-the-top buddy cop films like Bad Boys 2 and Point Break with creepy British horror fare like the original The Wicker Man.  Now comes The World’s End, which portrays what appears to be an alien takeover of a small town.

In the film, perennial Three Flavors Trilogy star Simon Pegg stars as a man who rousts four other pals into going back to their hometown to complete a 12-bar pub crawl that they couldn’t complete as younger men.  When they arrive, however, they find a John Carpenter-esque alien plot:

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost?  Check.  Edgar Wright’s sharp-eyed genre satires as poignant metaphors for middle age?  Check.  Another Simon Pegg fence gag?  Check.  We’re in.

The World’s End is set for an August 23 release date in the United States, the UK will get it on July 19th.

What do you think of the teaser?

Source: /Film