It’s only been a couple of years since we last saw a Joel and Ethan Coen movie (True Grit) pop up in theaters, but for some fans including myself it feels like an eternity. Thankfully the two creative minds behind movies like Barton FinkNo Country for Old Men and many other films are back with their latest called Inside Llewyn Davis.

We’ve already been exposed to the first official trailer for the Coen Brothers’ latest movie, and in some ways still haven’t been shown too much to give away most of the story. We know that it follows a struggling folk musician as he combs his way through New York in 1961, hoping he’ll make it in the music industry but facing a number of obstacles in order to achieve his goal. Underrated actor Oscar Isaac stars in the picture with a monstrous supporting cast that includes Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake and many others.

There’s not too much about this red band trailer that really differentiates itself from the first official trailer that came out a few week ago, aside from a couple of additional scenes. We’re not entirely sure why it has to be deemed a “red band trailer” anyways. It’s not like it’s particularly obscene, but whatever. Coen Brothers fans will just be happy getting a new trailer and poster either way. If you’re a lucky duckling who is going to this year’s Cannes Film Festival, you’ll be able to see Inside Llewyn Davis before it hits U.S. theaters on December 6th.



Are you looking forward to seeing Inside Llewyn Davis?

Source: Slashfilm