It’s funny that when many people watch the trailer for Captain Phillips, the first reaction is often that it has a Zero Dark Thirty vibe. It’s funny because director Paul Greengrass has been a pioneer of the psuedo-documentary style since his 2002 breakthrough film Bloody Sunday. Here he directs Tom Hanks in a true-life story of a pirate attack on an American vessel.

The ripped from the headlines film does have the feel of a documentary, which has been Greengrass’s style in films like Bloody Sunday, United 93, and his two Bourne entries, Supremacy and Ultimatum. Hanks is playing a real person who wrote a book about his encounter with the pirates, which led to government intervention. Spoiler, we guess that means that Hanks character survives. Here’s that trailer:

The only other cast member listed is Catherine Keener, so it’s more than likely we’re with Hanks for the majority of the film. And this trailer seems to keep itself confined to the first thirty minutes of the movie, which is smart. We’re just getting the set up here. Hanks may already have two best actor Oscar trophies, but this looks like the sort of role that should at least get him nominated again. Captain Phillips is scheduled to be released October 11.

Do you think Tom Hanks might win a third Oscar?