Within the span of a few years suddenly filmmaker J.J. Abrams has turned into the go-to person to handle monstrous science fiction franchises. First he helped revive the Star Trek movie series, and now he’s taking over the next film addition to the Star Wars universe. Some of us are wondering how he’ll be able to have time to work on both Star Wars and Star Trek, but the plain truth is that he won’t be able to after all. 

While fanboys/fangirls may believe that J.J. Abrams has enough time in the world to handle both franchises, at this point in time Star Wars: Episode VII will be taking top priority in his sci-fi loving life. Since there will be a lot of obvious preparation that may have already began for the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, Abrams has no time whatsoever to even try to attempt to direct Star Trek 3. Then again, this in some ways would be an assumption only if Paramount Pictures wanted to make another sequel shortly after Star Trek Into Darkness is released in theaters in less than two weeks time.

It’s already been announced that Disney wants Star Wars: Episode VII to begin filming in early 2014 in order to hit their 2015 release date. This may sound a bit terrifying to some hardcore fans who may think that the company may be rushing into making a new Star Wars movie and therefore could possibly botch the job. Then again, Disney’s done a fine job with the Marvel universe but that success wasn’t achieved just by them. At this point only time will tell whether or not the new Star Wars movie will be any good.

Who do you think should direct Star Trek 3 if J.J. Abrams can’t do the job?

Source: Slashfilm