It’s amazing just how many casting changes have occurred on Natalie Portman‘s upcoming Western Jane Got A Gun. The actress has been with the project since the very beginning, both as producer and star, but her co-stars never seem to last. The latest actor to join the film is Portman’s former Star Wars co-star Ewan McGregor; he’s stepping in for Bradley Cooper, who left the project last week.

McGregor will play the role of the villain, specifically the leader of outlaws, who threatens Portman’s farm when she’s left alone. The role once belonged to Joel Edgerton, who is actually still a part of the project, but now as the good guy. He traded his villain with Michael Fassbender, who in turn left the project and passed the role down to Jude Law. After Law left, Cooper stepped in to save the day, but apparently couldn’t see the project through either. Reports say that there were scheduling conflicts, He’s signed on to star in David O. Russell‘s American Hustle and has to do press for the final installment of  The Hangover.

While Jane Got A Gun seems to be a casting nightmare, everything else seems to be going pretty darn smooth. Edgerton told Vulture that he’s having a wonderful time filming. Hopefully he doesn’t get hit by the curse.

Do you think Ewan McGregor will last? Has Jane Got A Gun finally found its villain?

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