One of the year’s most talked about films is already hitting Blu-ray, but that’s partly because of the way it was made. Upstream Color and Jack Reacher are the highlights of the week, with a ton of new catalog titles hitting as well. Saddle up for some expenses, fellow collectors.


  • Fringe: The Complete Fifth Season: Fringe was one of those shows that was always close to cancellation, so it’s good for fans that the series got to close out its run on its own terms. And now all seasons are on Blu-ray so there’s that.
  • Jack Reacher: Though it was released with little fanfare, it’s possible that Jack Reacher will be the start of a new franchise for Tom Cruise. Working with writer director Christopher McQuarrie, this was one of the most pleasant surprises of last year’s December films.
  • Mama: Jessica Chastain stars in this Guillermo del Toro-produced horror movie that did fairly well at the box office. Perhaps because it was PG-13, or perhaps because it was a solid (if forgettable) spook-a-blast.
  • Superman Unbound: Warner Brothers is warming up for the release of Man of Steel, so this cartoon version of Superman should both whet and sate appetities.
  • Upstream Color: Shane Carruth is one of the oddest and most interesting working filmmakers. Upstream Color is his second film, following the note perfect Primer, in this story of damaged love. What it all means is up to the viewer, but it’s an unshakeable cinematic experience.


  • Babe: Pig in the City, In the Name of the Father, Jesus Christ Superstar: Universal’s latest catalog dump offers one of Daniel Day-Lewis’s best performances, and one of the most underrated kids films ever made.
  • Band of Outsiders: One of Jean-Luc Godard’s most charming films, it’s nice to see that Criterion is looking to upgrade all of their Godard films to Blu-ray.
  • Brubaker, The Great Escape, One Hour Photo, The Verdict, Viva Zapata!, White Men Can’t Jump: More catalog dumping from Fox. The Great Escape on Blu-ray? Sounds like heaven.
  • Fortress, Fresh, Full Frontal, The Grifters, Heaven, Hellraiser VII: Deader. The Hoax, Jersey Girl, Mother’s Boys, The Nameless, She’s So Lovely, Teaching Mrs. Tingle: Echo Bridge is releasing a lot of Miramax’s back catalog, and between Fresh and The Grifters, there’s some great movies here.
  • An Officer and a Gentleman, Runaway Bride, Sparkle (1976): Warner Brothers now controls Paramount’s back catalog Blu-ray releases, and so they’ve put out one of the best 80’s movies, and a totally forgettable Julia Roberts rom-com.
  • Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights: The first film felt like a breath of fresh air with its casting of Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan, the second felt like reheated leftovers. Don’t know if either holds up particularly well, but it’s nice they’re on Blu-ray to check.

What are you picking up this week?