the amazing spider-man 2 gwen stacyA lot of set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have leaked recently.  Some are fairly interesting, like Jamie Foxx’s goofy blue Electro makeup.  But most are fairly banal, showing Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Shailene Woodley standing around and talking in their respective characters’ street clothes.  Today a new batch of images showing Emma Stone standing around as Gwen Stacy have been released; however, they are very, very notable.

In the images, Gwen Stacy is seen wearing a green coat, black shirt, and purple skirt with black boots.  So, why is this sartorial combination a big deal?  Because—SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS—Gwen Stacy is wearing an identical outfit when she dies in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #121 of the comic, in which the Green Goblin tosses her off a bridge and Spider-Man catches her with his webbing, snapping her neck.

This, coupled with the fact that Chris Cooper has been cast in the film as Norman Osborn (a.k.a., The Green Goblin), is leading many to think that Stacy’s arc in the proposed new Spider-Man trilogy might end before the third film.  However, with two other villains already appearing in 2, a Green Goblin storyline might be one Big Bad too many.

What do you think of the Spider-Man news?

Source: /Film