Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise

Following the strong success of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, it was always highly likely that we were going to get a Mission: Impossible 5.  However, since a solid chunk of the Ghost Protocol was given over to introducing and establishing Jeremy Renner’s character (basically all the parts that weren’t completely awesome) in order for Renner to take over as the franchise’s main character (just like in the Bourne franchise), it left some doubt that franchise star Tom Cruise would return.

However, news broke today that should calm all nervous Mission: Impossible fans—yes, there will be a Mission: Impossible 5, and yes, Tom Cruise will once again star as the  impeccably coiffed secret agent Ethan Hunt.

Thus far, no writer or director is officially attached.  However, as we have reported time and again, Christopher McQuarrie is apparently up for the job.  McQuarrie previously directed Cruise in the serviceable film Jack Reacher.

Also no word on whether the film will continue the fresh vein of over-the-top wackiness that made Ghost Protocol such a joy to watch, or if it will go back to Mission: Impossible 2 and Mission: Impossible 3 levels of ponderousness.

What do you think of the Mission: Impossible news?

Source:  Deadline