IRON MAN 3 Marvel has done it again, as Iron Man 3 tops the box office with the second highest opening weekend of all time. It comes in second place to The Avengers, which broke the record last year, and ended up making $600 Million domestic. So, looking at IM3‘s opening, we’re looking at somewhere around a half a billion domestic cume for this one.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Iron Man 3 $175,300,000 $41,218 $175,300,000
2 Pain and Gain $7,600,000 (-62.5%) $2,312 $33,919,000
3 42 $6,210,000 (-41.7%) $1,857 $78,336,000
4 Oblivion $5,797,000 (-67.4%) $1,690 $75,969,000
5 The Croods $4,225,000 (-37.2%)
$1,449 $168,743,000
6 The Big Wedding $3,875,000 (-49.0%) $1,472 $13,210,000
7 Mud $2,150,000 (-3.0%) $3,733 $5,158,000
8 Oz The Great and Powerful $1,822,000 (+0.6%) $1,571 $228,568,000
9 Scary Movie 5 $1,435,000 (-58.2%) $773 $29,603,000
10 The Place Beyond the Pines $1,298,000 (-52.4%) $1,117 $18,678,000

 Iron Man 3‘s domination isn’t just domestic, as the film has already made half a billion dollars internationally, which brings it total cume to $680 Million. Which means that the film will cross the billion mark either next week or the week after. And with The Great Gatsby no real competition and Star Trek Into Darkness tracking soft, Iron Man 3 could dominate the box office until Memorial Day weekend.

But like a flame, Iron Man 3 sucked the oxygen out of the rest of the list, as the number ten film made just above a million (it’s possible next weekend 11the number ten film will make less than a million). Oblivion tanked the hardest, and won’t cross the hundred million dollar mark without some intense pushing, while Pain and Gain also precipitously tumbled, but they got the film to open in first place, and that should be enough to keep everyone involved happy, even if the back end business won’t pick up until home video. The Croods should be able to cross $180 Million, but after that it doesn’t look to have any more milestones.

Reality Check: I thought Iron Man 3 could go a little higher, so I guessed $189 Million. Not a terrible guess.

What did you watch this weekend?