Happy Endings-Deuce Babylove 2 Electric Babydeuce-Eliza Coupe, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans Jr., and Elisha Cuthbert

Happy Endings season finale is upon us. “Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce” and “Brothas and Sisters” was everything last week wasn’t. Even though meeting the other Kerkovitch sister was worrying, we’re more terrified that the show won’t be around for us to see her again. After last night, losing this epic sitcom seems criminal.

The Players:

  • Director: David Caspe and Rebecca Asher
  • Writers: Matthew Libman and Daniel Libman /Josh Bycel and Leila Strachan
  • Cast: Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson, Megan Mullally, Michael McKean, Regan Burns, Jackie Clarke, Stephanie March, James Lesure, Julie Hagerty, Sally Brooks, Suanne Spoke, Christopher Darga

Episode Title: “Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce/Brothas and Sisters”

Penny and Dave work together to stop their parents from adopting a child while Brad, Jane, Max and Alex battle for the right to a tennis club. Later, Jane attempts to please her older sister as Alex and Dave fight to keep their secret under wraps.

The Good:

  • Pop Culture Passion: Within the first five minutes of “Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce” there were more pop culture references than we could count. Let’s all agree that Huey Lewis and Them Thangs is a better name for the cruise bound band. Jay-Z and Beyoncè’s mention was eclipsed by the simultaneous Air Supply and LeBron James dig.  The Angie Harmon hate was quite unexpected, though the idea of a TV robot museum exhibit is right up our ally. Of course, these were just the first of many perfect mentions (Gossip Girl), but those first few were a powerhouse of awesome.
  • One Percent vs Ten Percent: That fact that Jane and Brad—or Venus and Jane Williams—could ever find a hobby all their own is as laughable as Max and Alex’s tennis ensembles. Tough to say which was better: scoring the tennis battle with everyone’s favorite homoerotic volleyball tune, “Playing With the Boys” or Brad and Jane’s display of poor sportsmanship. Lording a win over the peons that challenge you is practically an American pastime, but pretending to defecate on said loser is so horribly beautiful we can hardly believe it happened. While it’s no shock Brad and Jane bested Max and Alex, we were impressed by what this group can do when pitted against one another.
  • Sad But Sad: Did we ever think Dave and Penny’s parents would actually adopt a baby? As things unfolded predictably, with Big Dave and Dana heading off the idiot’s plan, we were again struck by how much we like Penny and Dave together. They’re mirrors of their mother and father: Big Dave backtracks in a story as much as his junior counterpart. It was made obvious during last season’s “Torn” duet how alike Dana and Penny are. The parents have been together for a year now, so we’re sure it’ll be weird if these two ever get together. But that kind of drama is fodder for funny.
  • The End: Ding dong, Dave and Alex’s relationship is finally dead. Waiting the entire season for their rebound realization was annoying, but seeing them talk it out was sweet. Perhaps watching them trap themselves in increasingly smaller places was distraction enough to make their inkling feel natural. So it’s over forever —or at least, for a while.
  • The New Brad and Jane: Weeks before the finale, we became weary of the news that Jane is actually the middle sister. Probably because our alpha female never presented as a floundering Kerkovitch girl until Brooke arrived. She is terrifying, cold, and exacting, namely Jane in taller form. Seeing Jane reduced to a bumbling, approval-seeking child was a peek at why she has to be perfect. We’d rather see her as the strong woman we idolize. The parallel between her failures and Brad’s struggle for Brooke’s also African-American fiancé to suffer the way he did allowed Damon Wayans, Jr. to shine. His child outbursts and high-pitched voices never cease to entertain. Being the Jackie Robinson of the family did him no favors; baby making, Blair Underwood knowing Elliot has already outshined him. He’s still number one in our hearts.
  • Gay Sir and Countess Von Boobs: They said it best themselves: Why would anyone tell Penny and Max a secret?  Their inability to keep quiet about Alex and Dave’s breakup spread like a virus around the rehearsal dinner. Tweedledum and Tweedledummer turned the night into a giant game of telephone, spreading falsehoods everywhere. Ending the season with these kind of hi-jinks is a snapshot of what they’re all about. Penny and Max are in the same place they started this season, but we’ve realized that if this is their last shot on TV, at least it’s full of hilarity.

The Quotable:

  • Penny: “You guys are great together. Jay and Bey great.”  Big Dave: “Don’t know what that is.” Jane: “She mean Jay-Z and Beyoncè, not my friend Jay and the Chesapeake Bay (muttering) cause that’s where he died.” Alex: “R.I.P. Jay.”  Penny: “Embraced by the tide and called home to hell.”
  • Brad: “If we get into this tennis club it could be our thing. Like how making love out of nothing at all is Air Supply’s thing.” Jane: “Yeah, or like how being terrified of a dunk contest is LeBron’s thing.”
  • “Hey Alison, you remember when you thought that kid was mine for five minutes? Do you think I can I borrow it for like five minutes?” —Dave
  • Jane: “And as maid of honor I need this wedding to be, say it with me, per—.” Alex: “Pearl Harbor! Pearl Harbor, because we want this wedding to be the bomb, like that Michael Bay movie Armageddon.”
  • Alex: “Yeah, when you say it like that it really sinks in, like when I found out Gossip Girl was a guy. Dave: “Totally.”
  • “Alright Dr. Burke, I know you delivered every child in this family but you’re in the wrong seat so I’m going to need you to make like George Clinton and get the funk out of here.” —Jane
  • “I know I’ve always been a little bit hard on you. But it’s because I knew how much potential you had. I knew you could be great, maybe even better than me. That’s why I had to destroy you.” —Brooke


“Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce” gave us the final intra-gang battle of the season. In a weird tradition, the group ended it dancing at a wedding in “Brothas and Sisters.” This certainly isn’t the way we want the series to end.

Rating: 10/10

Happy Endings airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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