Fans of the book Ender’s Game should be happy to know that a brand new teaser for a teaser trailer is out for the highly anticipated movie. No, that is no joke, it literally is a portion of a tease from a teaser trailer that will be coming out next week. 

Now I for one have never understood the fascination with studios releasing a teaser for the teaser trailer that is just barely a few seconds long. Okay so we get a nice little intro from the film’s stars Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford, but other than that you can’t really make out what is going on from the five seconds worth of footage that they throw in your face. The book has a huge following so surely a lot of fans are already salivating over the footage, but non-book fans will be like me, shrugging their shoulders until the real trailer comes out to wow us.

The synopsis alone sounds like this movie will be up everyone’s alley. Ender’s Game is set 70 years after a big war where a crazy gifted youngster (Butterfield) begins training in order to save the Earth from whatever alien beings are out to get the human race now. Now some folks may not be incredibly thrilled to see that Gavin Hood, the same man who handled X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is taking on Ender’s Game but hopefully the material is a lot better than his previous movie. And do not worry, we’ll have the official teaser trailer up when it’s released online next week.

Are you excited for Ender’s Game?

Source: Slashfilm