Iron Man 3 has already scored a hefty $300 in overseas box office receipts, so it should come as no surprise that in approximately 12 or so hours it’s already made a killing at the American box office.

The second real adventure of Tony Stark’s ego and shiny iron suit (well, third if you count The Avengers, and technically the fourth if you count the two-hour Avengers commercial that was Iron Man 2) managed to pull in $15.6 million dollars from Thursday night and midnight screenings—which couches the film, as Cinema Blend notes, comfortably within the $160-$180 million range for the weekend (our own Damon Houx predicts a $189 million tally for the flick).

For some context, the original Iron Man made over $500 million in global box office when it was released in 2008; Cinema Blend notes that Iron Man 3 will likely be closing in on $600 million (when including foreign box office) by Monday morning.

The numbers pretty much guarantee you’ll see more and more large-budget films reaching out to foreign markets (Iron Man 3’s Chinese version features slightly longer/additional scenes with Chinese products and stars in exchange for a bigger budget) and more, more, more movies about people in masks and capes.

Will you be seeing Iron Man 3 this weekend?

Source: Cinema Blend