In the next two days it will be officially the start of the summer season. Within the month of May we’re already being flooded with a number of high adrenaline blockbuster films, Star Trek Into Darkness being one of them. While we’re still waiting to hear whether or not the sequel is any good, or a direct rip-off of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Paramount is keeping our anticipation perked up with a few new goodies.

The first thing we’re getting is one new picture of Scotty (Simon Pegg) looking rather distressed over something that he’s able to see up ahead. Is our main villain trying to prevent him from communicating with somebody? Is he shocked over the fact that somebody’s getting his lunch order wrong? We don’t know but we aim to find out in a couple of weeks time.

Speaking of things we want to find out, how exactly is the Starship Enterprise crashing into Earth. In the new clip, which you can watch below, Kirk (Chris Pine) and Scotty and desperately racing across the Enterprise in order to reach their destination. Maybe they’re trying to get onto the main deck in order to help prevent the Enterprise from crashing. Our question is how is the whole ship malfunctioning to this great of a degree. Well it’s not just our question but many fanboys/fangirls’ top questions when it comes to Star Trek Into Darkness in general. Seriously, some of these fans are getting really furious over the fact that the Enterprise is going to crash into the ocean.

What do you think of the Star Trek news?