black panther

Last month, we reported to you that the Black Panther—a long-rumored addition to Phase Three (translation: everything after Avengers 2) of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe—had finally been cast, with actor Morris Chestnut tweeting that he’d be the man for the black tights.  But then Chestnut backed out, and word is that 42 star Chadwick Boseman may be the newest addition to Marvel’s ever-growing roster of live action superheroes.

Boseman, who plays baseball legend Jackie Robinson in 42, may be playing a very different kind of hero in the form of Marvel’s Black Panther/Film reports that he is the current favorite for the role, but is also quick to point out that no offer has yet been made and Marvel, as always, is remaining mum on the subject.  The news, however, was leaked by Latino Review, who are typically very on-point when breaking comic book movie news.

The Black Panther is notable for being the first black hero to appear in mainstream comic books.  In the comics, the name “black panther” is given to each successive chief of the African nation Wakanda’s Panther Tribe.  The Black Panther’s job is to protect Wakanda from the outside world (who would want to mine the country’s vibranium-rich land.  The Black Panther is also given a mystical herb which gives him superhuman senses, strength, and speed.  If that all sounds a little nuts, it is—but hey, it’s no weirder than anything in Thor.

What do you think of the Black Panther news?