There are certain things that have carried over into all of the Star Wars movies. Character-wise that’s been limited to C-3PO and R2D2, but one of the few constants in the making of the films has been the scores by five-time Oscar winner John Williams. With J.J. Abrams coming aboard there were some who thought he would use Michael Giacchino, but Abrams has said he wants to continue to use the Maestro.

Now that Abrams must face the press with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, he’s being asked questions about his next movie, and so who would do the score for Star Wars: Episode VII came up. Abrams told that he wants Williams back. And who wouldn’t? Though we won’t get the 20th Century Fox fanfare to start the film, Williams’s work is one of the essential textures of these movies.

Though John Williams has stated he’d like to return, the film is still years away. And as he is already one of the most lauded and famous of composers (he’s probably the only composer that normal people would know), Williams will be 83 by the time the first of the new Star Wars films will be released, and with Disney talking about a new Star Wars adventure every year, he may want to bow out sooner rather than later and pass the baton to the next composer. But, if nothing else, it’s nice that Abrams has said he wants Williams back, because who wouldn’t?

If Williams passes, will it automatically go to Giacchino?