Iron Man is coming back to theaters this weekend, and everyone seems to be excited. The people at CinemaSins are welcoming the robotic superhero by keenly looking over the sequel and pointing out the enormous amount of errors in the movie. Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. is going around surprising kids at Iron Man 3 pre-screenings, offering speeches that only the man in the suit knows how give.

In their latest video, the CinemaSins folks point out Everything Wrong With Iron Man 2 in 6 Minutes or Less. Even though many of us enjoyed the movie, it’s fun to look at all the plot holes, questionable character choices and bizarre connections that we might’ve ignore the first time we saw the flick. Thankfully we have this series to point all of these things out for us. Check it out:

The next video, brought to us by The N.Y. Daily News, shows RDJ surprising a theater of New York City kids attending an Iron Man 3 pre-screening sponsored by the Police Athletic League. It’s a really sweet clip. You can tell that the kids are super excited to have Iron Man himself with them in the room. RDJ takes some time to thank the the Police Athletic League, and also let the kids know that they’re the future of our nation. He adds:

“I guarantee if you keep doing the right thing, you’re going to be running the joint in a minute!”

Here’s the video:

Iron Man 3 arrives in just a few days, on May 3rd.

Do you agree with the CinemaSins video? Are you excited for Iron Man 3?

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