A Good Day To Die Hard – Bruce Willis

The Die Hard franchise is just like its main character, John McClane—a tough little tank that keeps rolling along, despite the fact that it’s becoming an increasing annoyance to everyone around.  And, just like John McClane, the Die Hard sequels keep showing up in “the wrong place at the wrong time,” i.e., anytime at all, because they are horrible (well, the third film was OK).

The last film, A Good Day to Die Hard, was the worst of the bunch, telling the story of McClane and his son battling bad guys in Russia—a far cry from the stripped down original, which found a shoeless McClane hiding in ventilator ducts during an industrial heist.  A Good Die to Die Hard, though, despite being terrible and stalling at the U.S. box office, did $250 million overseas.  So, of course, it’s possibly getting a sequel.

Writer Ben Trebilcook has been hired by A Good Day to Die Hard producer Larry Webster to pen a script for a Die Hard sequel, which is—no joke—being called Die Hardest, and is set in Tokyo.  It should be noted, though, that Bruce Willis has yet to sign off on the project, and this is more or less being written on spec, but as soon as 20th Century Fox backs that dump truck of foreign box office receipts to his front door, I’m sure he’ll sign on.  Trebilcook has noted that the script is “extremely faithful to the franchise,” which may not be entirely comforting, since the majority of the franchise now, well, sucks.  Fingers crossed that this doesn’t actually come into fruition.

Are you excited about seeing a super-contrived reason for John McClane to fight bad guys in Tokyo?

Source:  /Film