NBC’s Grimm has been firing on all cylinders. As the second season winds down, the writers are pulling out all the stops. Monday morning, star David Giuntoli spoke with reporters about what to expect from the season’s final episodes. Anything can happen including a Nick and Juliette reunion, a new Big Bad and even zombies!

On the Season 3 pick-up and the move to Tuesdays:

David Giuntoli: I think it’s all very exciting. I think that NBC is showing a lot of faith in Grimm by moving us to Tuesday nights… We’re very excited to expose Grimm to an entirely new audience and scare and befuddle a whole new segment of the population.

On Nick’s relationships with Juliette and Captain Renard:

David Giuntoli: Our writers are not afraid to go anywhere, so nothing really surprises me, especially speaking to the relationship between the captain (Sasha Roiz) and Nick. I wanted to make sure that even though we were working together I’m not too easy with him. I wouldn’t call it a friendship. I wouldn’t call us pals. We wouldn’t go out and eat together. I think we more or less have a common enemy… So we’re working tentatively together. He did after all try to kill my aunt, so. As far as Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) goes, I think we’re going to be seeing us kind of patching things up. Turning things around a bit. I’m sure that in Grimm fashion they’ll find some way to make that as difficult as humanly possible.

Will Nick wait on Juliette forever?

David Giuntoli: I hope we have a talk about things in a very real way before we get back together. I think Nick’s a guy who knows what he’s done to her and would probably do anything to get her back so I think he’d probably wait for a long time.

What we can expect from the season finale:

David Giuntoli: You could definitely see a Nick and Juliette reunion… We [also] deal with the undead in a way that it’s never been approached before in a very typical Grimm fashion. So “zombies” will be coming to Portland and I will say the cliffhanger of this season is — I don’t know how the writers are going to get themselves out of this corner that they’ve painted themselves into. One of the cast may not live through the finale.

On some upcoming paranormal activity: 

David Giuntoli: In this coming episode [Tuesday], I know we’re going to be seeing something very paranormal. I want to say almost X-Filesy that is not a standard Grimm’s fairytale. It’s almost like we’re dealing with what people on Earth think are aliens but then we tell you what they really are. The real explanation for them.

A new Big Bad?

David Giuntoli: A level 10 Wesen — as I like to call it — comes to Portland who is pulling the strings, controlling a lot of other types of Wesen. We can call them the undead, and he has an army of people under his control that wreak havoc, and this is a longer story arc.

About those Royals:

David Giuntoli: The Royals get closer and closer to me. They come to Portland and they want the key. I learn much, much more about why it is they want the key. The captain and I start working together. [Let's see] zombies. And also, as far as Adalind (Claire Coffee) goes, the Adalind storyline is insane that’s all I’ll say about that.

Are there other Grimms besides Nick and his mom? 

David Giuntoli: Honestly, not as of yet that I know of… I don’t quite know. The only Grimm they currently want to deal with is me because they know I have one of the keys. That’s as far as the Royals are concerned. That’s why they even care about me at all. Who knows?

Grimm airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.